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Barcelona when the contract signed 40 million floating clause content. Earlier in the British Jordan Scarpe media referred to « won the Golden Globe and selected Golden Globes top three » this provision does not exist. Coutinho Barcelona to record the history of the transaction volume of 160 million euros transfer fee to join Barcelona, his transfer fee consists of two parts, 120 million euros fixed transfer fee and 40 million euros floating terms. Earlier British media have pointed out that if Kudiniao won the Golden Globe during the effectiveness of Barcelona and the Golden Globes selected the top three, each with a different price-activated payment terms. « Daily Sport Daily » on January 10 disclosed the latest version of the terms of the Cudiniao contract: 25 games on behalf of Barcelona played in the game = 500 million euros; on behalf of Barcelona played 100 games = 20 million euros; the next 2 Won 1 Champions League = 10 million euros; Barcelona career won 1 Ultra Boost La Liga champion = 5 million euros. From Barcelona mouthpiece Secret content, the terms of the Golden Float and there is no condition. For yeezy boost 350 Kudiniao floating terms, « Daily Sport » commented. Barcelona play 50 games a year on average, taking player rotation into account, the main players averaging 40 games a year, Kudiniao can activate the first clause within a year (25 500 million euros), Adidas yeezy boost 350 he in the next two and a half years By the third year, the second clause can be activated (100 games 20 million euros). As for the fourth article, Barcelona currently leads the Liga championship with a greater advantage of points, this season Kudiniao very much hope to activate this provision (La Liga champion 5000000 euros). The above three terms, the total amount of 30 million euros, it can be said that 99.9% of the possibilities can be activated. In other words, Liverpool can certainly get a total of 150 million euros transfer fee. The only suspense is the third article, Barcelona won the Champions League in the next 2 years. Coutinho joined Barcelona, has been widespread concern, the Brazilian soccer big brother Wang Bailey also rubbed a bit of heat. Bailey wrote on his personal social network account: « I hope this transfer is good for you and your other mission is to help Brazil win the World Cup. »